Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Etsy shop: cwysart
listing: original landscape painting
artist: Chad Wys

I'm an artist. I make my fair share of art. However, I have only purchased two pieces of art. This is one of those two.

It's a brillant landscape painting by Chad Wys. This painting has a great balance between abstract and realism. First let's look at its abstract qualities. The painting is divided into thirds which is a basic design principal for adding visual interest. The top two-thirds is a mix of blue, white and some green. The bottom third has a splash of blue cutting into a field of yellow-ish ocre. In between the two sections is a small, yet strikingly dominant slice of black.

So, I enjoy looking at this painting on a purley abstract level, then switching my brain and looking at it as a landscape complete with a lake, fields of gold, mountains in the distance in a partly cloudy sky with a very mysterious green substance floating about. All this for just $5 ($6.20 including shipping). AND IT'S THE ORIGINAL PAINTING. I get tired of seeing inkjet reproductions. It's nice to see a fellow artist selling original work for dirt cheap prices. Mega super kudos to Chad.

I even feel inspired now to paint similar abstract landscapes. The duality between realism and abstract is really intriguing.


Chad said...

What a great post - thank you for the right-on description of my work. This whole blog is very slick, I'm really happy to be include. Keep it up! -Chad

Stephanie said...

I commissioned Chad recently to paint a landscape for over-the-mantle. A prime location, true...but he deserves it. I LOVE his style. I LOVE his subject matter and last, I can't get over his prices. He is outstanding and I wish him the greatest success. Only a week and a half until I receive my own masterpiece!

Sharon Schock said...

very nice choice! I love it, I'm kind of sad you found it before I could!

Anonymous said...

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