Monday, March 17, 2008

Etsy shop: paintingwell
listing: Gray Atmosphere

From paintingwell's Etsy item Description:

This is one of a series of "two trees". The theme of the paintings runs a wide gamut exploring the relationship of simple subjects within a given space. You are invited to imagine, or to identify some significance within the painting. Or, just enjoy the visceral quality of color and oil paint. It's luscious.

These two trees' physically close placement is further emphasized by the open, vacant space that surrounds them. I'm curious why these trees are so close. By comparing their size, it can be suggested that they were planted at the same time. However, the right tree is slightly higher than its neighbor. And the "body language" of the trees suggest that the right-side tree is stretching itself proudly as to say, "I'm the superior tree". The tree on the left is worn and tired from such competitive behavior and is relaxing its trunk a bit. The left-side tree knows some day that it will be taller because it has a bigger trunk at its base. Then the right-side tree will be put in its place. Beware, right-side tree. Your day of reckoning is coming.


Spudart said...

It looks like two upside-down people. And that's cool.

Erik Maldre said...

two upside down people with tails?

Anonymous said...

....if we're anthropomorphizing them -- clearly someone left the GPS at home.