Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Etsy shop: dkim
listing: I Kept Missing Your Train
artist: DKim

From DKim's blog:

DKim was born in Seoul, Korea. While pursuing a tiger cub through the forest she accidentally found herself pursuing it to Mexico at the age of two. While there she was trained in pitfighting and archery with only meagre hunks of carne asada her pithy reward. From there she was squired under cover of darkness to the U.S. of A. Hidden in a place far from prying eyes who would discover her destiny, her training began in earnest in the suburbs. Unbeknownst to DKim, her mentors cunning contrivance birthed within her a sense of forlorn wanderlust and burning desire to escape these environs. From there she journeyed to New York – her cover story being attendance at Pratt. She continues to reside in Brooklyn, preparing for the day when her magisterial techniques and martial disciplines are unleashed.


Kate said...

I had to comment- I purchased this print about 6 months ago on Etsy. I like that it's a very poetic view of something as mundane as public transportation.