Friday, April 11, 2008

Etsy shop: murphymae
artist: Murphy Adams

Murphy's paintings are abound with life and personality. Each painting tells a story and "Missing Marshmallows" is a great example of that. Here's Murphy's Item Description:

The last time I went camping the raccoons had alot of nerve. The minute the sun would start to set they'd invade our campsite and start tearing into whatever they could get their little paws on. Marshmallows were a favorite. If you caught them occasionally they'd give you a guilty look, but more often than not they'd just saunter off with your s'mores makings in hand.

I also selected "Missing Marshmallows" for the quizzical look on the raccoon. He either looks a bit guilty or a very mischievous. The circles around the person's eyes match the circles around the raccoon's eyes. That's intriguing. What's more intriguing is the pink bus.

From Murphy's bio:
My small narrative paintings are mostly about my observations of daily life. I keep a sketchbook with me to quickly capture things around me that I find funny, awkward or beautiful. Sometimes friends, sometimes strangers, sometimes stuff right out of my head, my favorite paintings are often about the most mundane things. I then translate my drawings into small naive paintings in acrylic and ink on heavy watercolor paper. I use both hands to draw and paint with; drawing with my left gives me the loose feeling I’m looking for. Because color and texture are integral to my work, I create by using multiple layers of jewel tone color combined with matte medium and ink.