Thursday, January 17, 2008

etsy store: equivoque.etsy.com
listing: each day we begin again
artist: Elinor Scott-Sutter

There's a great deal of fantastic art on etsy. It was difficult selecting the very first piece to be featured on etsyart.com until I came across this photograph by photographer/poet/Unix systems admin, Elinor Scott-Sutter. The title is appropriate: "each day we begin again". Among the current 32 items for sale in Elinor's etsy shop are about a dozen dynamically tranquil photographs of Lake Superior.

From Elinor's shop announcement:
I am not as much interested in photographing people, places, or things as I am in photographing light. Light is what interests me. It is what inspires me. After that, I am interested in the ways in which different media record those instances of light. Vintage and toy cameras used in combination with a variety of films are among the tools I love best, though I do enjoy working with digital cameras and Adobe Photoshop as well. My interest in Polaroid photography, however, easily eclipses my affinity to all other camera and media types



Very nice of you to promote etsy artists.

Mystic Silks

Erik Maldre said...

thanks, mystic silks!