Thursday, January 17, 2008

etsy store: yellowmoonstudio
listing: The Number of Grace
artist: Teresa

I never heard of the number 5 representing grace, so I did a little google search and came across the following, "Four is the number of the world. It represents man’s weakness and helplessness. But 4+1=5 is when Divine strength is added. We are made perfect in our weakness. ‘My Grace is sufficient for thee’".

This painting represents that statement well. The square has four sides. Rarely is a square shape seen in nature. It's a development of mankind thus further emphasizing the role of mankind in this equation. The singular shape next to the square is obviously the number "5", but it also is symbolic of the number "1" without directly pointing it out. Divine strength often works in a similar mysterious manner. The 5 (and 1) are directly to the right of the square thus representing the 4+1=5 equation.

Teresa is a fellow Illinoisian.

From Teresa's bio:

I've been painting for the past ten years. I have an admitted obsession for repetitive geometric shapes. I'm fascinated by color and segmented space. Add a pinch of minimalism, a dash of whimsy and you have - me, well, my abstract art anyway.


Erik Maldre said...

I just noticed something. The first three posts on this blog all have images with horizon lines.

Yellow Moon Studio said...

Thanks for featuring my painting and all your thoughtful comments! I look forward to reading about all the wonderful Etsy artists you feature!


Erik Maldre said...

thanks for compliment, yellow moon. Keep an eye on this blog; I'll be featuring more of your art in the future.