Monday, January 28, 2008

etsy shop: ryanstudio
listing: Powdered Donut, Original Daily oil Painting a Day
artist: Abbey Ryan

Hungry for art? Try Abbey Ryan's "Powdered Donut". Abbey Ryan is a celebrated "painting a day" artist. Her etsy shop features a solid collection of still life paintings.

Her painting style is similar to certain members of the Ash Can School including John Sloan and George Wesley Bellows. The Ash Can School movement started in 1908 and their techniques broke from traditional American art academies of the early 20th century by displaying evidence of the brushstrokes.

In Abbey's etsy shop you will find traditional subject matter including apples and peaches, but you'll also find oreo cookies, lollipops, chocolate wrappers, and of course donuts. I guess I have an affection for the sweet stuff.


Spudart said...

this art is tasty

Erik Maldre said...


Anonymous said...

so beautiful, simple...and expressive