Tuesday, January 22, 2008

etsy store: MoTowne
listing: original art
artist: Michael Richard Moses Towne Jr

Michael Richard Moses Towne Jr sounds like one interesting cat.

He has a fair amount of variety in his etsy shop from a painted animal skull (not for sale) to an Outsider-Artish-anguish-face painting to abstract, trippy, biomorphic paintings. It's the later that will be the focus here.

The tags for each of these paintings gives some great insight. Here's a taste: pop, funk, retro, mod modern, hip, surreal, blob, awesome, explosion, cupcake, glamour, dance floor, vans, vineyard, turkey, swirls, circles.

Each person will bring their own interpretation to the paintings, but I like the idea hinted by Micahel that they are exploding cupcakes.


gimme mo said...

wild stuff!