Wednesday, February 20, 2008

etsy shop: archdelineator
listing: Champion Chimp
artist: Zack Raithel

I felt inclined to do a little monkey safari on Etsy. It's about time featured a monkey. I was expecting to find cutesy, goofy monkeys jumping about. And I did. However, I stumbled across a mature, sombering gorilla painted by Zack Raithel.

The title "Champion Chimp" is intriguing for this ape's lugubrious state. What makes this Chimp a champion? It's hard to avoid the notion of the red splattered spray paint representing blood. Perhaps this loathing gorilla is chilling from a flagrant confrontation with a lesser male. Or perhaps I'm being too judgmental. Maybe he's a gentle introspective giant whose heart was broken by his mate. I'm glad to find such a mysterious primate on Etsy.


Zack Raithel said...

Thank you so much for featuring my Champion Chimp. I'm glad the title was able to spark your imagination. I try to make pieces that are intriguing each time you look at them, so I hope I'm doing well!

Thanks again, Zack

Erik Maldre said...

Thanks for stopping by, Zack, and leaving a comment. I hope your Champion Chip finds a good home.