Tuesday, February 12, 2008

etsy shop: casagalleria
listing: Humble flower
artist: Katie Alleva

Katie is brand spankin' new to Etsy. I enjoy giving exposure to excellent artists who are new to Etsy. Since the inception of this blog three weeks ago, I have profiled several new Etsyians including lesbusstudio, nayarts, BergmansBear, phraser, littlehalfhead, polaroidsandpinholes, finalapproach, and louisartworld. Now I can add Katie Alleva's casagalleria shop to that great list.

Katie's shop features delicate collages depicting organic forms in basic geometrical forms. The modest size of the pieces lend a personable touch which compliments the discreet and friendly subject matter portrayed in simple, unobtrusive forms resulting in a timeless, serene series.

From Katie's Shop Announcement and bio:

My name is Katie Alleva. I live in Australia and I have been in love with all things beautiful and arty for as long as I can remember!!!! My aim is to make art with integrity and with my heart.
The name Casa Galleria came from the idea of opening up my house as a gallery so I could exhibit without all the red-tape, commissions and consignments that commercial art galleries live by. I have Italian heritage so I was inspired to change 'House Gallery' to 'Casa Galleria.'

She has a couple photos of her home studio at her blogspot site. It's always interesting to see active studios.


Spudart said...

Katie's work is very pretty.