Friday, February 8, 2008

etsy shop: NayArts
artist: Nay

Outsider Artist, Nay, from Las Vegas, sounds like a fun and interesting person to have lunch with. Nay's word paintings are based on his experiences in life whether it's his personal thoughts or things he hears from friends or passersby.

I did a similar series a couple years ago on playing cards with a hole-punched moose speaking different thoughts. Seeing Nay's work makes me want to continue this autobiographical/biographical series.

Nay's word paintings are best viewed as a collective whole. The more paintings you look at, the more you can crawl into Nay's mind and see what's going on. It's a fun ride. I find it hopelessly addicting not only looking at each painting, but reading extra insight provided in the Description field. "WE JUST FIRED HIM" is a good example of his curious side. Here's what Nay has to say about this painting:

This little gem comes from my mind. One day while shopping at my fave store I asked Hey, why don't you have the bread I like most? They responded "we just fired our bakery manager for drinkin on the job"- so that's what it means to me.

Other paintings are quite philosophical including, "TOO MANY PEOPLE THINK THEY ARE A PROXY FOR GOD" and "SET YOURSELF BACK TO ZERO". While other paintings push conventional thinking and are easily offensive. But that's part of the value of Nay's art. It makes us think about things.

Nay's style of painting is quick and energetic. This matches the expressive nature of the statements themselves. He has a lot of thoughts running through his head and needs to get them down on canvas in a quick manner.

It's great to see a wide range of ideas in Nay's paintings from gutsy and gritty to introspective to playful. It's a dynamic range that makes the whole of Nay's work a delight to experience.


bobogolem said...

I LOVE Nay's work, he is my favorite part of the First Friday art events here in Vegas. I find him to be simultaneously insightful & hysterically funny! A perfect combination.

Erik Maldre said...

bogogolem, I'm very curious about the First Friday art events you speak of. I never heard of it. I did a little google search and it looks like I found the website First Friday.

Spudart said...

people love quotes. i want to make quote paintings now. Thanks Nay, for your inspiration!

Erik Maldre said...

Nay totally needs a blog.