Wednesday, February 27, 2008

etsy shop: MSArt
listing: Dirt Road
artist: Melanie Plummer

Melanie Plummer is a digital painter whose works possess a surreal sense of fluidity. It's surreal because of the duality between digital and reality. The paintings have a strong sense of highly glossed polish that suggests a digital realm. At the same time, the way that she shapes her paintings strongly suggests a human painterly movement and weight.

"Dirt Road" is a great example of her mastered techniques in Fluid Surrealism. It's abstract in its pure visual forms with oozing and dripping shapes streaking across a velvet-like surface. Yet it's also a depiction of a landscape which offers another level of Surrealism. It's a co-existence of representing reality and simplified abstract decadence.


ickleson said...

It really is beautiful work, peaceful but still lively. x

Erik Maldre said...

brilliant insight, ickleson. I neglected to mention the emotional level of this painting and you nailed it.

Infinite Cosmos said...

such beautiful work! so dreamy....