Monday, February 25, 2008

etsy shop: printsdrawings
listing: Woodcut
artist: unknown

"Woodcut" is a sophisticated study into the physical attributes of a wood plank and man's role in such. The imagery of wood grain is the result of mankind's involvement in handling this form of nature. To see wood grain, the wood must first be sawed. "Woodcut" investigates this relationship between man and nature.

Shown in "Woodcut" is a print taken from a milled slice of wood displaying the natural wood grain. This is "over-laid with original hard ground etching in black" as the artist states. This hard ground etching interprets the visual properties of the wood grain and it's quite a refined study.

In addition to mimicking the repetitive qualities of wood grain, there's a sort of structured human elements within. I offer two interpretations. 1: The bottom of the print is reminiscent of a two story structure with various pillars speaking to wood's role in architecture. 2: The vertical forms also say "bookshelves" to me which ties perfectly into the wood theme because books are made of paper.