Saturday, February 16, 2008

Etsy shop: TinyArtbyJMullin
listing: Diminutive Improv - Tiny Original Watercolor
artist: J. Mullin

I have to admit that when I saw the title for today's EtsyArt.com feature that I didn't know what "diminutive" meant. dictionary.com defines "diminutive" as "small; little; tiny". That makes sense since J. Mullin's etsy shop is called "TinyArtbyJMullin". And get a load of this. "Diminutive Improv" is only 1.5 x 2.25". Did Picasso ever make a painting that small? I don't think so.

I mention the uber-famous Spainish painter because Mullin's work is post-Cubist. There's some interpretation of three-dimensional subject matter in the painting. In the sorta-center of the painting is a profile of a face. However, "Diminutive Improv" breaks away from Cubism in that it doesn't offer different vantage points of the same subject matter. Instead there's a collection of graphical shapes merging together, some iconic such as hearts and others purely graphical such as swirls and jagged shapes. As a result, "Diminutive Improv" has countless fun nooks and crannies from which to explore; all jammed into a diminutive 1.5" x 2.25" space.


Jennifer Mullin said...

Thanks so much for the write-up! I feel honored to be called "Post-Cubist".

Brian T. Miller said...

What's even more amazing is that JMullin, the creator of such diminutive and awe-inspiring works of small-scale genius, is in fact a giant of epic proportions. She stands a curvacious 19' 8", with hands the size of Direct TV satelite dishes. Yet she remains nimble and graceful, with dexterous hoagie sandwich bun-esque fingers, that create the most lovely miniature miracles of personal expression. Nice work J!

chemman63 said...

great job jen. But what is with curvacious 19'8"?

Spudart said...

I highly recommend people purchase Jennifer's artwork. Do not be deterred by the small size. Instead, embrace it. I had a few small prints (of another artist) hanging up in my hallway, and they are simply a pleasure to behold. It really invites you to look closer and enjoy the work.