Monday, February 4, 2008

etsy shop: littlehalfhead
listing: Sinking-Original Artwork
artist: unknown

littlehalfhead sells monochromatic surrealistic original pen and ink drawings. My favorite of his current batch on etsy is "Sinking", because it's the most mysterious from my perspective. The horizon defines the representation of an environment setting suggesting the two spiraling forms are objects. Yet, there's a delicate vertical line dividing the space perhaps eluding to a before and after further puncuating the title, "Sinking" suggests that the form is, well sinking somehow. What the form exactly is and why it's sinking is up to the viewer to decide and I love that. It's a very curious work that I enjoy contemplating.

Other works in littlehalfhead's shop include menacing, yet exquisite insects, mechanical little half heads (reference to the etsy shop name), and chairs with mammothly lanky legs. All of which have a whispering minimalistic quality that is a nice contrast to the crazy, surreal subject matter.