Saturday, February 23, 2008

etsy shop: margins
listing: Language Barrier
artist: Evalynn

The recognizable image of a telephone in "Language Barrier" on the medium of a Japanese-English dictionary are decisive tools to symbolize the communication gap exisiting throughout the world. The use of a vintage telephone speaks to this gap's long existence.

By allowing ample space around the phone silhouette, it leaves that space open exploration whether it's by simply enjoying the translucent nature of the red paint or to represent the environment around the phone as it may show the eager anticipation to answer the phone; which brings up a good point. The phone is not being used. What use is it to use a phone to speak to a person who knows only Japanese when you only know English? In the end, the phone remains unused and there's no communication being made and worlds are closed off. Damn, that's symbolic.


Evalynn said...

This is a great interpretation of my work Erik! Glad you appreciate it. Thanks for that.

Spudart said...

I just like the fact that the words inside the phone are like what you might hear in a phone conversation.