Monday, February 18, 2008

etsy shop: bluesunlight
listing: aopaceo023
artist: Bluesunlight

Bluesunlight's aopaceo (acrylic on paper ACEO) paintings capture a moment of strong, aggressive exertion. Rendered as a visual carving of space against an empty, sterile white field, it's important to recall such dynamic forms slash about in a delicate 2.5 x 3.5" arena.

All at once these paintings are purposeful, yet natural. Bluesunlight's Etsy bio states, "So far these works are being generated using acrylic paint and fine gauge steel wire rolled, pushed, pulled, and slid horizontally across the page." So incidental elements of nature help develop details within the work while strong elements of control are clearly defined in the overall shapes.

I choose "aopaceo023" for this feature because I enjoyed it's architectural elements. Sure enough Bluesunlight works at an architectural firm by day. Ha. In fact, all his paintings have certain architectural undertones complemented by vigorous juts and swooshes of liquid paint.