Thursday, February 7, 2008

etsy shop: BergmansBear
listing: The Folding Field (oil on canvas, 12x9)
artist: Carrie Bergman

Upon first viewing Carrie Bergman's "The Folding Field", it's clear this is no ordinary landscape. Mysterious spike forms gather below an even more mysterious architectural form resembling a house or barn hovering in an ominously, yet active gray sky.

Carrie Bergman's Etsy Description for "The Folding Field" expands on the story:

This is a place where the land is bored with being flat. It wants to stretch up into the sky. The sky also wants to be closer to the land; it is forming a shape of a house or tent to shelter the little land-spikes. The severe shape of the land-spikes looks unnatural, but after making this painting I learned that there are undersea mountains (seamounts) shaped like this.

This relationship between land and sky is seen in her other paintings. Some scenes are tranquil. Others share similar enigmatic settings with "The Folding Field". I was tempted to feature one of Carrie's circle paintings. That series is rich in symbolism, but I will save that feature for another day.


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